The OMNI Way

OMNIFOODS have taken the plant-based world by storm with their unbelievably realistic vegan meat alternatives including OmniPork and OmniSeafood. Founder of OmniFoods, David Yeung, is also the founder and CEO of Green Monday Group – an organisation on a mission to encourage the public to live sustainably. If any product was going to convince people to go plant-based, it would be Omni! They’ve already won the hearts of China’s vegans, and now we’re helping them to do the same here in the UK with the OMNI WAY campaign.


OmniFoods are already market-leaders in China, but wanted our help to enter the UK market with a bang and make a real name for themselves. We have helped them connect with UK customers with the playful ‘OMNI WAY’ campaign. Messages like ‘OMNI WAY to save the planet’ and ‘OM not fish!’ can be used across all regions, campaigns, packaging and platforms to emotionally engage both flexitarians and vegans.

Standing out from the crowd

There are so many vegan and plant-based products in the UK market (which we’re super happy about!) but it can be a struggle for brands to cut through the noise. OmniFoods were already finding it a challenge to engage UK-specific audiences, so we stepped in to help create a brand us Brits would remember. The OMNI WAY campaign will travel with them to vegan food events and supermarkets all the way to pop-up food tours and environmental events, e.g. beach clean ups.