Eating our way to extinction

EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION is a powerful documentary that addresses the catastrophic effect raising animals for food has on our planet. It sends a simple yet impactful message about the potential ecological collapse we could experience if we don’t change our diets and lifestyles, as well as the impact this has on the indigenous people most affected. We have helped them launch the documentary, get it onto Amazon Prime, and align all their whole brand to effectively serve their mission: to save our planet.

"This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today"


Creating a brand and platform for tomorrow.

Creating a brand icon and identity mechanic that provides an overarching direction for the Eating Our Way to Extinction movement across all touch points including social channels to drive the community and cause.

Following on from themes and problems raised in the documentary film, the ‘for tomorrow’ movement provides solutions, education and insight around creating a greener and plant-based first approach to cuisine and nutrition.

Breaking the ‘for tomorrow’ mechanic up into more focused sub-categories that provide education and insight into more specific themes, while still producing content and direction for the greater movement.

Backed by Global Influencers.

We managed the influencer strategy from start to finish, the campaigns goal was to search for and reach out to those influencers whose personal brands were in line with E2E’s core values, in order to strengthen their brand positioning and generate international brand awareness.

We globally sought out our target influencers and invited them to attend the ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’ premiere screening. As a result, the red carpet event saw a total of 274 influencers who had a combined reach of 49 million, across both the London and LA premieres.