Lady on phone using ARK Living App

ARK Living™

ARKLIVING™ is a budget-friendly health and wellbeing app platform that rental buildings can offer to their residents to help keep them happy, healthy, and thriving. Going beyond other mediocre offers in this sphere, Ark Living™ invites everyone to enjoy health and wellbeing, not just the affluent. From speaking to telehealth doctors and nutritionists to connecting with their local community and finding new hobbies, residents can find many ways to improve their lives. We helped name Ark Living™, positioned them in the market, and continue to tell their story using our ‘Your Day, Your Way’ mechanic.

Building a brand that takes communities further

What’s the best way to build a thriving community that serves everyone? Ark Living™ has the answer. We helped them build a narrative that encourages and embraces individuality, putting it at the forefront of their offer. Through inspiring their messaging and the ‘Your Day, Your Way’ mechanic, we helped them to tell a story about ‘communities united by individuality’. This invites people with different personalities, interests, backgrounds, and spending money to invest in health and wellbeing with the help of Ark Living™.

Bridging the Wellness Divide

Instead of focusing on a select group of people in society who can already afford to look after their health and wellbeing, Ark Living™ wants to be accessible to everyone. A lot of people on lower incomes are ignored in the health and wellbeing space, so we made sure Ark Living™ messaging clearly states that it is budget-friendly to make sure it reaches the right people.